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And players call bets with losing hands out of greed for a big pot. The best players, like the best investors, seem to thrive on uncertainty. They look for betting patterns or for “tells” (expressions or hand movements) that betray the strength or weakness of an opponent’s hand. They make uncertainty work for them. They find spots where a big bluff is hard for an opponent to call. For the rest of us, says Aaron Brown, a quantitative analyst and author of “The Poker Face of Wall Street”, a sound principle is to settle on a basic strategy and stick to it. In poker that means choosing in advance which starting hands you will play in each table position and deciding how you will bet should those hands improve when the shared cards are dealt. The policy also works in investment. A simple strategy is to allocate a fixed portion of your wealth to different assets—half in a broad index of stocks, say, and half in bonds—and to “rebalance” every so often so that the weights are kept constant. An advantage is that you will automatically sell assets that have become dearer and buy assets that have become cheaper.

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